we're alive!

yes, we are still alive.  sorry about the absence.  after easter weekend, we lost internet connection from our "not so trusty" wireless modem, and since we work at the mine all week we were not able to get it fixed until this weekend.  buuuuut, after many hours at the internet provider's store (telstra), we're baaaaack!

let's back up to the weekend before easter weekend... we stayed in mackay.

our friends, jo and keith, needed someone to watch their dog, tash, while they went to hayman island for their anniversary.  we were ecstatic to get to spend the weekend with a dog since we have been missing ours terribly (i haven't blogged on that, but it's true... i miss bella as if she were my child - which she kinda is.).  Anyway, so we got to spend the weekend with this cutie patootie:

this is tash.  she is 13 years old and so sweet.  we hung around with her most of the weekend.  keith and jo live about 20 minutes from us and their house is just as luxurious as our apartment.  plus it has a pool in the backyard which we took advantage of on saturday.  looks terrible, right?  ;)

tash loved barking at the water, and when i say loved i mean she literally barked at the water the majority of the time.

we soon realized if threw her in the pool (don't worry, her mom and dad gave us permission) she would come out and lick herself clean for about 10 mintues - bark free!  which led to a very happy jim and sarah.

on sunday, we played some more golf... surprise, surprise!  and ended the weekend with this gorgeous sunset.  life doesn't get any better than this.

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