that's the word australians use when they have been falling behind, being lazy, not doing what they intended to do, etc.  which is exactly what i have been when it comes to blogging.... slack.

i promise to do better.  i will not bore you with excuses, but i will tide you over with a pleasant surprise we saw as we were leaving the mine about 2 weeks ago to go home and prepare for our trip to st. louis (yes, we were in st. louis for 7 straight fabulous days).

we went back to the camp to get a few things when we stumbled across this HUGE KANGAROO little fella....

this was my first second kangaroo i've seen in australia!!!  i did see one other, but i don't count it since it was pitch black and he was so far in the bush that i couldn't see much of him.  this time was so cool because he stood there and watched us for a minute.... we were pretty pumped.

what a great way to start off our vacation and our long awaited trip home to see our family and friends. more on that in the next post, which will be VERY soon... i promise.

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