now that's what i call a wide load.

in the states you may see wide loads with 18 wheelers that dabble over one lane, but i have never seen a wide load quite like THIS:

we were stuck behind this baby for a good 30 minutes the other day before we got a third lane to pass him (by the way, this is a 2-LANE road).  

in times like this, oncoming traffic has to literally pull into the grass and wait for this baby to pass.  it's pretty nuts.

and speaking of wide loads, check out this little guy that i stumbled across the other day.  YIKES!

to give you something to compare it to, that is my foot.

believe it or not, this is not the largest spider i have seen here.  it's definitely a close 2nd, though.

and just in case you forgot what we look like...


  1. WHY is your foot so close to that spider? You are creeping me out just looking at it!!!

    1. It was a very daring moment in which I just knew I had to do it to completely grasp the size of this baby!! See what I do for you readers?? ;)