tazzy - day two.

hello, again!  sorry i've been a little mia, but things have been busily wrapping up here.  we are heading home on november 19th and we are going to phuket before that.  so, this is our last week in mackay!!  crazy how quickly time has gone by while it also feels like it's been forever since we have been home in sweet 'ole st. louis.  either way, though, I AM BEHIND ON MY BLOGGING.  and i apologize.  so, be prepared for lots of posts this week.  

starting with our second day in tasmania.  we woke up from our second night in tasmania in hobart.  this was the view from our hotel room.  life is rough, isn't it?  

we immediately headed to the salamanca place markets that are held every saturday.  they were great!  they had everything from fresh flowers to jewelry to produce to clothes.  we had a great time - well, let's say anne and i had a great time.

then, after receiving some local advice to do so, we headed back up to north tasmania via the eastern coast.  and we are so glad we did.  the scenery was gorgeous!

about half way through the day, we made a stop in a cute little town called bicheno.   we considered staying the night here, but instead just took a few scenic photos and headed a little further north.

about an hour later we made it to st. helens where we found a place to stay.  the photo below is a little fish restaurant on the water - so cute and quaint.

then we drove out to binalong bay for the afternoon.

a little storm passed through leaving this rainbow in its wake!  BEAUTIFUL!

a little patriotic photo...

binalong bay is famous for the bays of fire, which have this red rock in the photo below.  it's unbelievable that people get to wake up to such beauty every day.

and the sand was so white and super soft.  it felt like silicone sand.

anne decided to clean her ring in the sand.  it was sparkling!

seaspray... it was so windy!

on our way back to our hotel, we saw a little flock of black swans.  and, yes, the sky and water were this purply pinky blue color in real life.  it was stunning.

here are a couple of aussie signs we saw during our drive that you might enjoy:

{US translation:  passing lane 1/4 mile ahead}

{US translation:  yield}

{we don't have kangaroos in the US, but how graphic is this??}

and for a little preview into day three...

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