excuses, excuses.

i could drown you in excuses about why i haven't blogged in FOREVER, but i won't.  they're there, but that's all they would be - excuses - so why bother?!

in case you are wondering, we haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  we have, however, fallen back into the states.  yes, we are back home... safe and sound.  and it feeeeeels GOOD.

i am writing this post to fill you in on some important details in sequential order:

  1. we went to thailand and it was really nice and relaxing.  i will fill you in on the details in future posts.  but FIRST...  
  2. we went back to australia in between thailand and the states.  this is when we GOT ENGAGED!  yup!  he popped the question and i said "yes!".   details include stars, a beautiful brisbane skyline, the story bridge over the brisbane river and a lot of laughter and love.  it was so "us".  
  3. while i have primarily been living in st. louis since we have been back, we are now moving to terre haute, indiana, for jim's job.
yes, there is a lot going on.  will we get through it?  yes.  and i hope to include you along the way.  we've got a few moves to make and a wedding to plan.  stay tuned!

so, for now, happy thanksgiving, MERRY CHRISTMAS & happy new year!  i hope the holidays were all you wanted them to be.  i know that i, for one, am just happy to be surrounded by my family and friends in a place i like to call HOME!  

{he did good!}

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