one of the things we repeatedly heard about traveling to thailand was that the tailoring there is AMAZING and super affordable.  so, jim and i were more than excited to try it out.  it was pretty crazy.  you couldn't take more than a couple of steps before being offered to buy a custom tailored suit for $100 USD!

we did our research, though, and already had a vendor in mind.  the store name is bob's collection, and the owner - you guessed it - BOB!  his store is in phuket (karon beach) at the end of the strip by the round about that looks like this:

we had heard that the service here was spectacular, and that the sales guys weren't overly pushy.  the rumors were right.  we absolutely loved bob and his nephew, chris.  it was a joy working with them and we had fun throughout the entire 4-visit process.  

starting with visit #1 - measurements and picking out styles/fabrics.  bob had three lines of fabrics, differentiating between qualities.  bob, too, sold the $100 suit, but it wasn't going to last very long with the quality of fabric.  jim opted for the middle of the line 3-piece suit that he bought for $300.  he ended up getting two!  

visit #2  was the evening of the same day we had visit #1, and it included a basic outline of the suit that was tailored to jim's body.  

i, too, decided to buy two pairs of custom pants for $60 a piece so i had some measurements taken, too.

then, on visit #3 everything was complete except for the finishing touches (ironing, threads being cut, etc.).  this visit is to make sure everything fits according to the measurements and anything that needs changed can be done before we pick up the final products.

{bob is on the left and chris is on the right} 

and visit #4 - voila!  2 three piece suits and 2 shirts done and ready to go in three days!

{this is the navy pinstripe}

{this is the gray with black paneling}

the whole experience was my favorite part of the entire trip.  i loved it and jim has suits that fit him PERFECTLY.  we have both worn our thailand purchases here in the states and have received tons of compliments.  success!! 

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