check it out... i started a blog!

wow.... this is EXHILARATING, doing something you have always wanted to do but never took the time to do it! After typing that sentence I realize the previous statement is true on two accounts:

1) starting a blog.
2) the main reason i am starting a blog.......

i am starting this blog to share a new adventure my boyfriend, jim, and i are about to begin. jim's company has given him a 'you-cannot-pass-it-up' opportunity to gain some international engineering experience in a land far, far away.... you may have heard of it - australia!!! i just happen to be dating the very right guy at the very right time; so, i am joining him!

i will include several more details in upcoming posts like when we are leaving, where we are staying, what we are doing, etc. you know, stuff you may or may not be interested in hearing. but i really hope you do because i want take you all on the adventure with me - via this blog, of course.

happy reading.

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