our humble abode

in october, jim was able to visit our new hometown: mackay, queensland. during his visit the relocation agent took him around to various options available to us when we move. she primarily wanted to get an idea of what part of town we wanted to stay in based on things we like to do, age, personality, etc.

we were choosing between living right on the beach but not as close to the central business district (CBD - aka. downtown) versus living in the CBD where there would be lots to do with lots of people our age.

if you know me at all you know i was pushing for downtown even though the alternative was definitely just as appealing. in the end, though, the CBD prevailed for many reasons:
  • easy access to the attractions and younger crowd the cbd offers - shopping mall, target, restaurants, etc.
  • most likely close to where i will find a job
  • still 10 minutes from the beach so it's not like it's far away
now onto the apartment we chose. i cannot tell a lie when i say this excursion will truly feel like a 10 month vacay, especially when you see our new living quarters. three bedrooms in case anyone wants to visit!

floor plan:

kitchen and dining area:

family room:

master bedroom:

master bath:

balcony that spans the family room and master bed:

And now you know why the blog title... 'aroo with a view.


  1. seriously, sarah. that IS a vacation home. oh my gosh! and also, i love the blog name, layout and look. did you design it? mine may need a face lift ;)

  2. thank, lynz!! yes, i did design the header of this blog. if i am picking up your "hint" correctly, i would be more than happy to do something for you... just let me know! ;)