a couple of weekends ago jim and i went to our first australian "footy" game.  it was actually an NRL (national rugby league) game, which is one of the three major leagues.  the others being the ARL (australian rugby league) and super rugby (no league... just super rugby).

the game was held in mackay's new stadium, but the teams were from sydney (the bulldogs) and melbourne (the storm).  i chose to root for the bulldogs - basically because i liked their colors and mascot the best.  they were also the underdog so all-in-all those three things sealed the deal.

can i just say (hopefully without offending too many people) that footy players make american football players look a little... shall i say... weak? if you have not seen an australian rugby game then you may not know what i am talking about, but let me tell you this was full on!  not only do these players wear neither pads or helmets, but they go at each other way harder than american football players.  of course, i took a few pictures to give you an idea.

i couldn't capture it on camera, but they even go as far as to tackle a player and then, just for good measure, shove the tackled player's face into the ground and hold it for a few seconds.  it's pretty crazy.

oh, and can i just say... i think americans need to bring the short shorts back for guys.  ;)

and here are a couple of pictures that show the ambiance.  the game was completely sold out with over 11,000 people in attendance and they even have cheerleaders.

a "try" is basically a touchdown in american football terms.

this is the field after the game... just a little messy.

we had a really great time seeing the game in real life!  Both jim and i have "heaps" of respect for these guys.  what a game!

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