offshore championship racing.

a couple of weekends ago, jim and i braved the rain and cold to see the offshore championship racing going on at the marina.  i was relatively unexcited about this, but jim wanted to go and was relatively excited about it so we went.

well, we got there and the winds were really strong and the waves were HUGE!  the ocean that is normally pretty calm looked like this:

proving for very interesting boat races when the boats look like this:

notice the long flat noses of these boats - very prone to catching the wind and FLIPPING!  YIKES!

here is where everyone went to watch the races... the ocean was wild and crazy beyond the break water wall thingy.

the actual races were so exciting!  very action packed and just interesting to watch.  here are a couple of photos from the races:

and the winner was..... Maritimo!!!!!  the bigger boats do better in rough weather so the race was really between the two white boats.

here is a video of a small portion of the race... check out the blue boat towards the end on the far left side of the screen.  it almost flipped!  (i apologize in advance for my bad videography skills.  hopefully i don't make anyone too sick.)  

needless to say, i think i was actually more into it than jim, and i am so glad we went. 

this one is for you dad!  
(you will have to excuse jim - you know he is a chevy man!)

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