byron bay and gold coast.

one of my favorite things we did while my parents were here was go to byron bay.  byron bay is a hippie town about 2 hours south of brisbane.  it is absolutely GORGEOUS.  while we were there we took a rather unexpectedly challenging, yet scenic, hike up to the lighthouse.  these pictures say it all.   WARNING:  if you don't like seeing crystal clear blue green water, do not proceed...

pam was super excited to see these lantanas in the wild (at least i think that's what they are called):

while looking at the water at the most easterly point of the australian mainland, we looked to the right and saw a whole bunch of whales.  they were pretty hard to see because they were so far away, but it was still really neat.  

there were some whales really far out there making HUGE splashes in the water.

and we made it to our goal!

after our walk we were more than ready for lunch so we headed to a place called fishheads.  if you are ever in the byron bay area, i would definitely recommend it.  they had great food and a view to match.

after lunch, we headed to the gold coast to see surfer's paradise.  every wednesday, there is a market on the beach that we wanted to go to.  we made it there, but it wasn't really what we were expecting.  the set up was neat, but the products were just so so.  

however, the beach at surfer's paradise was beautiful.  it wasn't beautiful like byron bay, but it was neat in a more commercially developed way.  great for those who love the city and beach life... like me!  

 gelato... YUM!

i could spend days at these two places.  unfortunately we didn't have the time, but if you are ever in the area don't pass it up!

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