horse races... on the beach?

a couple of months ago, jim and i were eating breakfast at the cafe near our apartment when we saw a flyer for an event here in mackay.  the event is called the mackay harbour beach race day and it was the premier event so no one knew what to expect.  the way i saw it, though, how could you go wrong with horse races on the beach??  sounded amazing!  and it was...

this event had it all:  great food, fashion, music and equestrian entertainment.  and we got to take my parents, to top it off!

this is our favorite indian restaurant in mackay so jim and i were more than excited to see them as a vendor at this event.

there was a total of 8 races with the winners of the first 7 races competing against each other for the final prize of $40,000!!  pam was a star at guessing the winner of each race... too bad there wasn't any betting - pretty much the only downfall of it all.

and in between the race they had show girls doing stunts.  i had never seen anything like it and they were absolutely fabulous!

as another form of in-between-race entertainment, they had this stunt plane flying in the sky.

we didn't know how to dress exactly so we were pretty toned down in our outfits...

but, if we were going next year, we would definitely dress more like this...
(don't worry, we do know these people.  we weren't being creepy photo takers.  they work with jim at the mine so they didn't mind posing for a photo at all.  such a cute couple.)

they even had a fashion contest.  the girl in the orange with the white hat won... she was our favorite, too.

i think jim should have won!  ;)

the feeling of the day was very vintage family fun.  definitely one of the coolest things we have done in mackay, and i am so glad my parents were here for it.  we had a blast!

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