a&t {adam&tara} trip cont'd.

hello, again!

on day two of a&t's trip, after adam made us a lovely breakfast, we headed to the beach for some fun in the sun!

and since a&t are lucky charms, we saw a sea turtle while hanging out on the harbor wall!  this was when i knew for sure that we were going to see all kinds of cool things while a&t were here.  i have not seen one sea turtle in all of my time of being here AND we weren't even in a place where i was expecting to see any marine life except maybe a stingray or jellyfish (who WANTS to see those???)!!  but here she is... let's call her sally the turtle.

and since we are silly and it's kind of fun we took some jumping shots with tara's super cool and fun camera.

aren't they cute??  i miss them so much already...

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