a&t conclusion.

we spent our last day at airlie, and a&t's 2nd to last day in australia, deep sea fishing.  however, this was where the a&t luck ran out (i think it had more to do with the tour than the a&t luck), but the boys didn't catch any fish, tara caught one and i caught two.   i have to point out - THE GIRLS WON!

what was the caliber of the fish, you might ask?

here you be the judge:

yea, we might have been had, but we had fun!  

this was pretty cool.  our tour guide called this eagle towards us and threw a fish out for it.

i think the photo of jim below says it best:

the last day a&t and i just hung out around mackay, went out to eat and shopped.

i am so glad a&t were able to come out and hang out with us - aussie style.

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