airlie beach {day 1}

the next day we packed our bags to head up to airlie beach.  we left bright and early to catch the ferry out of shute harbor to hamilton island.

and continuing with the a&t luck... on our way to hamilton island we saw dolphins!!  let me preface this with the fact that i was just talking to some locals about how you NEVER see dolphins out here and they agreed!  they said that you usually see them more down south.  but not when you are with a&t.  when you are with a&t you see dolphins.  all i can say is LUCKY ME!!

when we got to hamilton island we went straight to the wildlife park to hold a koala and see some of the many other exotic animals.  i swear, holding a koala will never get old.  they are the sweetest animals on the planet.  

and we got to see some other cool animals as well. 

this cockatoo was so cool... it mimicked what you said.  and it would try to give you gifts (i.e. tree bark).

we got to feed this kangaroo bread... who would have thought they would eat bread?

this, my friends, is a dingo.  this particular dingo has been raised by humans so it was people friendly, but can you believe how much they look like your dog next door?  this is why locals say to never pet a stray dog here.

the sweet sweet wombat.

i couldn't believe we were allowed to pet him.  his fur was so so soft.

baby kangaroo being bottle fed...

this place was great.

afterwards, we headed to the one tree hill.  i have blogged about this before, but it's just so beautiful i couldn't resist sharing the photos.

the tide is down in this photo, but look at the turquoise in the water!  we could do nothing else, but go down to that beach to enjoy it up close and personal.

so that's what we did.

afterwards we headed back to airlie beach to meet jim for dinner.  we ate at shipwrecked seafood bar and grill.  it was delicious and a perfect way to end the day.

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