the lovely eungella.

i am sure most of you are very familiar with eungella by this point.  you can probably tell me that you can get the famous meat pies near eungella and that you can see both platypus and waterfalls in the national park.  well, when jim's parents were here we had to take one last trip to this beautiful destination!

this time jim got to join us, which made us all very happy.  when we arrived we were all hungry so we stopped to have a pie.  holy moly - the place was PACKED!  the other times i have been here it has been during the weekdays.  at the time, we were one group with maybe 2 or 3 other patrons.  and we were pleased to find out that live music comes along with a weekend visit.  it was great and the pies have been a hit with all of our visitors!

then we decided to try our luck with the platypus sightings.  i am sorry to report that we were unsuccessful.  i really hoped that we would have three successful sightings, but i guess our luck just ran out.  it didn't stop us, however, from stopping by the eungella chalet to look over the valley.

anne and i are floating... no really.

just kidding... there is a hang gliding ramp at the chalet.  in fact, oprah talks about it in her Australian Adventures Guide.

lastly, we entered the jungle to hike to the waterfall.

there is some still water in the rocks where there are "heaps" of tadpoles.  jim even snatched one up with his lightning fast skills.  

while we didn't see any platypus, we had a gorgeous day and couldn't have asked for a better time to be had by all.  

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