the apartment. for real.

as promised, here are a few pics of our place in australia.  it is nothing short of perfect with it's style, supplied furniture and location.  jim could not have done a better job choosing this place. 

view from the balcony, looking into the family & dining room and kitchen. 

opposite view from the kitchen.

different angle, looking out from the master bedroom.

family room area in front of balcony.

view from family room, looking into the dining area and kitchen.

laundry room just to the right of the kitchen.

closer up views of the kitchen.

view of master bedroom from opening balcony doors.

master bath.

master bath, again.

second bathroom.

second bedroom.

third bedroom (aka:  our storage closet).


view from balcony to the left.  and, yes, i have been spending time at that pool.  it's pretty amazing and FREE (more on that later).

also to the left of the balcony... see that building?  yup, that's the mall.  literally 5 minutes, walking, away.  it's awesome okay.

view from balcony to the right.  this is the pioneer river.

okay, so it was more than a few pictures.  i got a little camera happy... what can i say?  it's easy to do here.

we plan on doing a few very affordable and mostly DIY updates as well to make it more homey.  i will make sure to keep you informed of those as well. 

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  1. You do realize you now live in House Hunters International, right? Either that or Dwell magazine. So beautiful!