without further ado.

at the end of my last post i left you with the cliff hanger that i got a job!  this is, indeed, true.  i just didn't want to say anything before i got all the details.  however, it looks like i won't be getting ALL the details until sunday so i am going to tell you anyway.

basically, jim is the best.  he has been telling his coworkers about me since day one of meeting them. so, with all the hype we know that jim can conjure up when discussing someone, they immediately thought of me when they decided they needed some sort of administrative assistant working at the same mine jim is working - burton is the name.

it had to go through approvals on a lot of various ends; but, through what sounds like a lot of work, they got me the job!

now for the questions:

did i have to interview?  no.  crazy, right?

am i working for peabody?  no, i am working for a man named tony (who works with jim) and has his own company - fdp mining.  fdp mining does contract work for peabody, which is how tony and his other co-worker, peter, are working at burton mine.

will i be staying at the mine?  yes, i will.  which is wonderful because now i won't feel like i am in a long distance relationship in australia!  yay!!

is it a permanent position?  no.  my working holiday visa only allows me to work for one employer for 6 months, anyway, but this position is sort of an "as needed" position.  initially, it sounds like there is enough work to fill up 10 hour days, monday - friday.  if there is not enough work, though, it may taper off to monday, wednesday, friday.  it just depends.  either way, though, i am good because i wasn't expecting to have this kind of job while i am here.  i was expecting more of a part time retail position, which wouldn't pay all that well and wouldn't give me that many hours.  so, this is way more than i ever dreamed.

will i get vacation?  i will not get paid vacation, but the beauty of it is that i will be able to take unpaid days whenever i want.  so, if i need some time off because we have visitors then i can do that.  if i need time off for a long weekend, i can do it.  it's perfect!

will i be working directly with jim?  i will have a working relationship with jim in that our offices will be in the same trailer with peter and tony (the other guys i mentioned above), but i will be in no way reporting to jim.  he will be out in the field 80% of the time anyway, leaving me in the nice air conditioned trailer... how nice it is i will miss him while he is gone.

when do you start?  i actually start on monday.  goodbye, daytime television!  i have to go through training all week next week and then the following week i will be going in with jim to work at the mine.  whoever thought i would work on a coal mine?  funny where life takes you, isn't it?

any other questions, feel free to comment!

i just want to end this post, saying how incredibly grateful i am for this opportunity.  jim has gone above and beyond trying to make the moving transition seamless for me, and this is just another way that he has done just that.  i am a lucky girl!

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