the weekend in review.

once again, jim and i had a FABULOUS jam packed weekend.  

well, ladies and gentleman, i played my first game of golf with my new clubs and my third game of golf EVER on saturday morning.  we went to a local course here in mackay.  the course wasn't much to talk about, but jim and i had so much fun.  let me just say, jim is an excellent golf instructor.  he gave me wonderful advice that i really tried to soak in and apply.  i don't want to brag, but i feel really good about my game.  i think i could get into this!  here are a few pics of us doing our thing...

after we were done golfing we ran a few errands, had lunch and decided we wanted to hit up a beach that is relatively close to where we live (about 30 minutes away).  it was crazy.... the tide was down so the beach was huge and there were only 5 other people, besides us, there.  

oh, and we met a friend - this is pippy!  she was so sweet and followed us around for quite some time.

to give you an idea of the size of the beach and how vacant it was - that is my beach bag.... far, far, far away in the middle of the beach looking super lonely. 

we aren't sure what they are, but there were a ton of these all over the beach.  they look like really dark (and alive) sand dollars.

we ended the day with a movie at the cinema - this means war with reese witherspoon.  it was pretty cute.  we also saw the vow the night before - it was a GREAT movie and unbelievable "based on a true" love story.  definitely worth seeing. 

then, on sunday, we went out with a guy jim (and soon i will, too) work with - peter - and his wife - kylie, daughter - emma - and daughter's friend - jackie.  we headed up to eungella national park.  it's located in the mountains and is known for being able to see platypus in their natural environment.  

did we see platypus?  platypi?  what is the plural of platypus??  anyway.... back to the point.  the answer is no, but we still had an absolute blast.  we started off with a hike through the rainforest.  

that's a turtle... we saw LOTS of these as you will see below.

you can't tell in this picture, but i actually had to be hoisted onto this branch.... this was a really cool swirley branch that was hanging down in the path.

then peter and kylie made us all a delicious lunch.... thanks, again, guys!  

afterwards, we burned off our lunch playing a little game of french cricket.... i guess it's kind of the lazy man's cricket - very fun!  

after lunch, we headed over to this chalet which had the most beautiful view of the valley.  in fact, there was a hang gliding ramp that people run off and glide through valley.  maybe, just MAYBE, we might try this some time.  

this is peter and kylie - i cannot say enough about the people we have met here.  everyone has been so nice and welcoming.

as we were trying to see a platypus, we started feeding the turtles and had about 15-20 of them coming from all over the river.  then this eel came up.  I thought he might be dangerous, but he seemed harmless and just wanted a few breadcrumbs himself.

i don't think either one of us can believe how blessed we are to be experiencing what we are experiencing together.  i think i can speak for both of us when we say this is truly a once in a lifetime experience and we are not about to waste a second of it.  

we love and miss you all back home a lot!

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