day one.

sorry i have been MIA for a few days.  the internet has been come and go. 

the first day i was here, coincidentally (and perfectly for me), our stuff that we shipped back in december arrived!  to give you an idea of the amount of stuff we shipped, i took a few pictures:

most excitedly, my hats made it!  for those of you who dont' know, the customs lady called jim and told us that the hats you see in the picture below probably wouldn't make the trip.  apparently, straw from the usa is not accepted in au.  rumor had it that we were either going to have to pay $180 to burn the hats or $360 to fumigate the hats so we could keep them in au.  obviously, we would have chosen the lesser of the two evils and burned them; but, fortunately, the hats valued at $30 made it over and no such loss (money or hat-wise) had to be made.

after unpacking our things, running some errands, going to the pool and taking a nap (much needed by me) jim and i went to eimeo pub for dinner.  this is a pub about 20 minutes from where we are living that jim had already experienced and loved.  it was absolutely amazing with a breathtaking view of the ocean and delicious food.  good choice by jim.

and for those of you who miss seeing our faces.

stay tuned for more updates of the apartment!


  1. Yeah for the hats!!! That is nice that you didn't have to spend the money to get rid of them and you get to keep them:) I love the pictures...keep them coming. That resturant has a great view. Sure miss you but loved chatting yesterday. Hudson liked hearing his Aunts voice!

    1. for some reason, i can only reply to comments....

      glad the hats made it. do you just feel like you're on vacation? i would! keep up the posts!