golf = fail.

golf = fail.  who knew those two words could be used in the same sentence??  okay, maybe it's not quite a complete sentence, but it doesn't change the results.

remember all the rain i told you about here and here???  Well, two days after the rain stopped jim decided that he just could not go another weekend without golfing.  and since we had been wanting to take another trip to the whitsundays we decided to go golfing at one of the prestigious courses there called hamilton golf club.  it is on dent island.

was it a risky choice?  yes.  not only did it JUST get finished down pouring, but it's also one of the most expensive rounds of golf that we have played.  was it a smart choice?  i'll let you be the judge...

hole # 1:

you might be wondering why jim was holding an umbrella in this photo.  let's just say it wasn't to block the sun...

yup, it was actually STILL raining until hole 3ish.

then, around hole 5, it was done raining, but we ran into a little friend.  jim said i was making it hard to concentrate, but what was i supposed to do... it was a snake!!

around hole 7 we started getting some really nice views and the sun started coming out!  this was a nice distraction from the terrible golf that was being played.  

neither one of us were on our game, but considering the conditions of the course i am pretty sure this was expected.  you see, almost every time we hit a ball on the fairway a huge splash of mudwater got all over your clubs, shoes, clothes, FACE... it was a lovely time.  

this last picture was taken the hole before jim lost ALL of the golf balls in his bag.  that was a fun time that resulted in us turning around and heading for hamilton island to enjoy some pool side sun and refreshments.  

was it a smart decision?  i think the answer is obvious, don't you?

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