home away from home.

sorry it has been so long since i have posted.  fortunately, you haven't missed much.  as i mentioned at the end of my last post.... "jim may or may not have to work this weekend."  well, the verdict was.... he had to work.  bummer.

so, we canceled our plans and just took it easy in mackay.  that left us some time to finish up our DIY projects, though!  

here is the project i found on pinterest.  it involved the following supplies:

shower curtain of your choice
tape measure
staple gun
screw driver
picture hanging kit

after jim worked his handy man magic, our new wall art came out like this!

this project probably cost us $40 TOTAL for wall art that is HUGE!  I highly recommend it.  

we also bought a shelf for this little cove we have in our living area.  we are going to update it regularly of pictures of our adventures and little souvenirs that we are getting.  

little updates that are making our home away from home a little more... well, homey!  


  1. Melinda ChristmanMarch 19, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    Love it! Your place looks super cute!

  2. Agreed, looks great! Very homey in deed!