townsville.... again!

what can we say?  we like townsville.... a lot!  so, not this past weekend, but the weekend prior we decided to drive up north, again.  we had different plans in mind than last trip.  this trip we wanted to enjoy what they call The Strand, which is basically a really cool beach that has little cafes, shops, activities all along the coast.

so, we started the weekend with a snorkeling adventure of sorts.  look at all the cool fish we saw!

and the most amazing of them all...

yes, that is a hammerhead shark! 

can you believe that we weren't even scared when we saw it?  i guess it kinda helps when you have glass in between you and said hammerhead shark.  

APRIL FOOLS (a little early)!!!  

the snorkeling adventure was actually the townsville aquarium, but we definitely felt like the great barrier reef could yield some similar results.... we shall see!

in all seriousness, we went to the aquarium because our sunny weekend in townsville turned out to be the beginning of an incredibly long spell of rain that i will blog about later this week.    

we did have a lot of fun during our indoor adventures, though.  here are a few more photos from the aquarium....


this was totally meant for kids... we all are kids at heart, though, right??

the rest of the weekend included way too much time at the casino (not even close to big wins this time), shopping and 21 jump street - great movie!  the part where they are forced to try the drugs from the dealer they are investigating is HILARIOUS!!!  

needless to say our weekend at the beach turned into a very expensive weekend away, but who's counting??

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