laying low is.... goooood.

this past weekend was pretty low key.  we decided to just stay in mackay and do what the locals do.  no, really, we did some cleaning, decorating (which always includes shopping), golfing (of course) and a little of doing what the locals do.  

the decorating portion included a DIY project that i am excited to tell you about, but it's not quite done yet so stay tuned.  don't get too excited... it's just a little pinterest project, if you will.  

here are a couple of things to tide you over until, hopefully, a more exciting post next week.  

we checked out eimeo pub again, on saturday, before we went golfing.  i was happy to see it during the day this time since last time we were at eimeo pub it was dark and they are mostly known for the view.  check. it. out.

plus their food is GREAT, which is just an added bonus to the great atmosphere.

on sunday we went to a local resort in dolphin heads, which is an area about 20 minutes from us.  they open the resort to the public on sundays so you can lounge by the pool and listen to some live music.  that's my kind of sunday!

just a few other random photos for you.  we ran into some of jim's distant relatives... peter and trudy.  they sell furniture and electrical??  we told them they should really change the sign to say electronics instead.  that's when they became jim's even more distant relatives.

just kidding, we didn't meet peter and trudy, but thought this was pretty ironic being that we are halfway around the world from the original mckeans.... or are we?

speaking of being half way around the world... budweiser... IMPORTED??  just weird.

anyway, we have a few adventures planned for this weekend, but they may or may not happen since jim may or may not have to work, but stay tuned! 

love and miss you all!

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