rain day... ???

the monday after our townsville trip that i just posted, jim and i tried to go to work only to learn that we had a rain day... not a snow day, but a rain day.  we couldn't get to the mine site because a couple of the creeks were flooded and the roads were closed.  

what was the source of the flooding, you might ask?

days of rain that looked like this...

blah, right??  

i have never seen anything like it.  it was LITERALLY non stop either steady or pouring buckets of rain.  

so, we spent monday just relaxing and hanging out, and we figured that tuesday would be much of the same since the rain still had not let up.   however; at around 11:00 we received a call that i was probably going to brisbane for some training and jim was to try to get to the mine by taking a different route.  

hours later, i was in brisbane and jim was back at our apartment because the driving conditions were not up to par.  

brisbane, my friends, IS AMAZING!  i loved it there... such a big city with lots to do and places to eat, shop and explore.  

oh, and jim got to join me on wednesday night since the rain continued to show no signs of stopping. 

we stayed in a pretty sweet hotel... everyone kept telling us it was the nicest hotel in the city and it did not disappoint.  here are a few pics of our room:

yup, the tv was welcoming me, personally.  i felt special.  

the majority of the trip was work related, but we made some time to eat at some cool restaurants by the river that runs through the city - VERY chicago-like.

this is chicken schnitzel - delicious!

and this was a sampler plate - we were at a bavarian brewery.  that square thing in the middle - pig belly!  never had it before.  tried it and will never have it again.  ha... it was good, but it was really fatty.  people here seem to LOVE it, though.

a few other things we did were run along the path by the river and just enjoyed the city together.  

we flew back to mackay on friday... thankfully the rain was gone!  hello, sun... sort of... more on that in the next post.  stay tuned...

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